So cold!

We are experiencing such cold weather here in northern california. It’s like 32 degrees and we are suppose to have some snow mix by morning. This is not normal weather for us. Yes, the mountains get snow but usually were in the 50’s even 60’s this time of year.

I really dislike the cold. Our house is small and takes a lot to keep warm because it was built without a lot of insulation. Yes, we’ve done the attic etc, but some of the walls are uninsulated.  When we remodeled after we bought this place over 20 years ago, we insulated where we could but still the house is not very efficient. All this week it’s not suppose to get above 45 in the day. Ugh!!!

tomorrow is my blood test. My CBC last week was actually great. But this is my SPEP test and free light chains, so I’m anxious about it. I haven’t felt very well overall so it makes me think that the Velcade isn’t working. Well, I guess I’ll know soon enough.

Well, tomorrow is the living room zone , for. Flylady and anything extra I can get done. All the Christmas stuff is away, and it feels good to have all over.

Our walks in the morning have been freezing. But the geese are glad to see us as my husband feeds them wild bird food.