Snow Business

 So here we are in Winter.
The snow is here and shows no sign of leaving.
FL managed to get my car out to the main road for me yesterday morning  and by the time I reached town, the streets were clear and I felt like a real bumpkin in my wellies and heavy coat.  However, when I drove home at 5, I was stranded at the foot of the hill.  My winter tyres were still in the boot of my car, rather than on the wheels, so of no use whatsoever!

This morning, there was no possibility of my car going anywhere, so FL drove me into work in his.  The rural roads were difficult enough, with snow drifts and no grit, but today the city streets were gridlocked by jack-knifed “bendy-buses”, lorries stuck halfway up hills and assorted accidents.  It took us 2 hours to get to my office, by which time it was snowing again.

FL spent the morning writing his book in the library and then we headed back home on empty roads at lunchtime.
It is Dexy day and there was no way I wanted to be a passenger in his car driving through the dark in icy conditions.
So I am working from home.  FL has taken my car to have its tyres changed while the daylight holds and now that the snow-plough has been through.  Tomorrow we perform another Risk Assessment.  One day at a time.  I may have to take a Knitting Day – what a pity that isn’t an official category of Special Leave!