Sniff’s, snuffles and coughs.

So, part of life with myeloma looks like it is going to include being regularly ill. Gutting. Somehow I need to find a way to turn this into a positive…very open to suggestions on this one as I’m struggling to find the good in feeling permanently rubbish! I have worked out that I have had about 3 weeks where I haven’t been ill since the beginning of December and I can promise you, even if it is just a bit of a snotty nose, it is VERY VERY draining!

So, we’ve just had the Easter holidays. It all started well and we had a lovely day out at Black Park, a day with my godson and his sister, and then we headed into London with some of the kids school friends to visit the science museum. All good. Until we got there when my slight sniffle turned into Mount Etna, my cough wouldn’t give up, and I had the energy of a dead frog!! And there I have been for the past week! Yuck. And to top it all my poor little girl was sick on the Thursday for nearly 48 hours over the Easter weekend, and just as we thought we were turning a corner, my little boy was sick last night. I feel so sorry for them when they’re so young, as they don’t understand the sickness, and they certainly don’t understand why they’re not allowed to do anything for 48 hours afterwards!!!

Anyway, enough of the moaning. I did get some fantastic news in the early hours of this morning whilst nursing Sam in his room….my sister is coming back to the UK (from Beijing) for my Glitz and Glamour Ball in November!!! I am so very very pleased! Apparently Nick and another sister already knew and they were all trying to keep it a secret, but it is hard to do that with the person who is organising the whole thing!!!

The ball itself is coming along slowly but surely. I get a couple of raffle prizes each week…need to up that rate a bit but it’s all good!! We haven’t done so well on the sponsorship side of things…I think money is really tight out there. We do have one potential sponsor (still ironing out some details but will be revealed all being well, very soon!) and we’re hoping we will get another one too. If we can get some small sponsors for the rest of the event too, e.g the main course, entertainment etc, that would be great too… if any of you know some companies that want some good PR and are up for helping a VERY worthwhile charity (Myeloma UK!), please let me know. Other than that, I’m just grafting on with searching for raffle and auction prizes. It’s not easy as not many of the bigger companies will help these days – you need contacts for everything!!! But friends and family are helping me lots and we’re having all sorts of things donated from perfume, to bottles of wine/ champagne/ to tickets for the theatre. I would ideally like to get over 200 prizes so if you can help at all, please shout. I’m even happy to take unwanted presents etc if they are in good as new condition.

So, I just need to make sure that I’m not ill in the run up to the ball – probably means having everything fully organised by the end of September so I can rest in October….hmm, chances of that?????