Sneaking around

Jay’s mom is staying with us this week, which means lots of fun activities for WCK, homemade baked goods, and — woo hoo! — free babysitting! Jay and I were going to go out to dinner and a movie, but we couldn’t decide on a movie. I wanted to see Harry Potter, but Jay pointed out that we hadn’t seen Deathly Hallows Part One, and he didn’t want to watch them out of order.
Why haven’t we seen Deathly Hallows Part One? Because we never get to see anything. We never even get to watch movies at home, because by the time we’re done putting WCK to bed, and by the time she’s done getting out of the bed and interrupting our movie 100 times, I promptly lie down on the couch and fall asleep. Seriously. I haven’t been able to stay awake through an entire non-kids’ movie in years.
Until tonight. The Night of the Brilliant Plan.
We went out to dinner early. Then we went to Blockbuster. Then, around 7 p.m., while Grandma had WCK distracted, we quietly returned home, sneaked around the back of the house to the basement door, and watched all of The Social Network in our own basement without WCK knowing that we were even home.
So that’s what it’s like to watch an entire movie at once. It’s all coming back to me.