&#%@$@ – Snapple Pop

Well this year started off quite interesting. The first two weeks in were grand, but the 3rd week got beyond bizarre. I had two issues with two co-workers who quite bluntly spoke to me in a way I haven’t gotten quite over. However, with this said God is sooooooooooooooooooo good!
This is the year of change I feel it in my bones. This is a year of a clean bill of health and for those struggling with a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, understand and know and believe that better things are in store.

My book Another Face will be available in a matter of weeks. I’m proud of this work yet anxious
how my party of loved ones who didn’t know- will now be enlightened. Hum, this should be interesting- but good. The more people educated on myeloma the better.

Hope you like my little girl Liz above, she has a sector of friends just like her that you may see time to time, just to keep the momentum of my humor and outlook of this pest MM :)

As for the two co-workers I mentioned- well let’s say they see a difference in my current demeanor – hum, and may have an inkling not to mess with me- as they indeed hit an un-necessary chord!
It’s one thing dealing with multiple myeloma that pesters me everyday- it’s another to have to tolerate other elements that get me aggravated, and have my cells in a bunch- so you know where these folks can go.

I hope to make more frequent entries as there’s been a lot going on and thank God nothing
out of the ordinary health wise. I’m the founder a lung cancer foundation which you’ll hear more about that every now and then here. We have a 1 year function to gear up for, so
I’m running around and taking MM with me.

Won’t stop- Can’t stop!!

&#%@$@ – Snapple Pop


I have my follow-up lab next week- let’s pray there’s no issues….