Smiths Station

Monday, March 22, 2010 7:37 PM, CDT

Today my APN said we are done and have a dismissal appointment for tomorrow!!

So the long Little Rock “treatment journey” Karen, I and the good Lord began back in early September is over. We will miss all the wonderful people we have met both with this disease and the doctors, nurses that treat it.

God is truly great and full of mercy..he is my buckler and refuge in times of peril.

So we plan on traveling back home Wednesday.
Karen is packing and I am again doing my Fred Sanford imitations.

I know many of you have missed my wine reviews over the past few months..well thats because I have not opened any…but stay tuned.

Well, everyone is thrilled that our “brilliant” heroes in DC have Socialized our health care system. I cant wait to pay more taxes and penalties to Caesar. Sorry I forgot “its free”. That means the government is paying for it not us, right?

Enough of politics.

When I was a junior in high school out last football game of the season was against a team we had never hear of, Smiths Station. It sounded like a Trailways bus stop. Of course, we were from Columbus Ga and Smiths Station was in Alabama somewhere, which was kinda screwy anyway. What are we doing playing an Alabama team.

As it turns out Smith Station was a real small school out in the country like 500 kids but….they were STATE Champions every year in their division. Our coach tried to scare us in practice..”you boys have never played country boys ..they are tough.. they gonna hurt you. We just laughed.

So we travel to Smith Station ..expecting a small crowd and a quick game. When we walked onto the field the stadium was packed …most people we had seen all year… and they were not our fans. Turns out these guys ain’t been beat all year.

From the first play we knew it was gonna be a long night..these guys were fassssst ..I mean real fast and they would knock you into yesterday…every play.. it was a real brawl.

They had a halfback, that later signed with Auburn, who would run over you. Rumor had it, his wife and 2 kids were in the stands that night.
In the 4th quarter, this dude gets the hand-off and runs up the right side of the center, runs over our tackle ..who weighs 255..runs right over the middle line backer….then there is me .. I’m rover linebacker and I got a bead on this dude to knock him a lick…next thing I know my helmet is turned sideways on my face …he is heading for a 50 yard TD with only one guy that can stop him..our poor safety who weighs 150… as I look up from the ground our safety hits him head on…well this dude hits our safety so hard his helmet comes flying off and rolling towards the goal…the halfback somehow steps into the rolling helmet and falls down.

Of course, this story was not funny at the time but it has been told many times at gatherings. Yes Smith Station won the game and went on to another state championship. We went home and went to an Alabama University (Bear Bryant) spring training. Yes, our coaches were from 2 National Championship Teams at Alabama. My coach , linebackers, was Dan Kearly who made All American. Needless to say that spring training was pure hell!! Many quit.


  • WE need less government
  • we need more common sense
  • we need some true leaders
  • I need a loan
  • you become what you think about
  • God bless us all

Cheers from Little Rock