It was 4 years ago last week that a hematologist told me “You definitely have multiple myeloma.” I wouldn’t wish that phrase on anyone, but I am happier, surrounded by more friends and know life would not be as fulfilling if he had not uttered it. Of course the countless hours spent dealing with all things myeloma is not always met with enjoyment, enthusiasm and passion.

The wonders of Revlimid continue. It has been 17 cycles, 70 weeks, of response. Stable is grand.

After one cycle of Revlimid my dear “strange attractor” friend shared some lab results with me this morning. I quote:

The concentration of the paraprotein in the far gamma region, previously identified as an IgG Kappa has decreased…

Compared to the previous study, urinary total protein has markedly decreased from…

I’m smiling today. :-)