Slowing Down

I have written before that FL was “mostly sleeping”.
But this is a different sort of sleep.
This is a drifting in and out of consciousness.
He breathes more slowly.  Sometimes he does not breathe at all for a few moments,before resuming where he left off.  It is not a struggle for breath, it is a peaceful slowing down.
His head is thrown back into the pillows, his mouth wide.  It was frightening at first, when I saw him this morning, but I soon got used to it.
He is no longer drinking.
The nurses moisten his lips with a swab when they change his position in bed.  It is for simple comfort, like everything now.
Sometimes he grasps my hand.
His fingers occasionally explore his woolen blanket as he sleeps.
He woke up properly just once today, as the nurses were moving him, and he saw me standing at his bedside with my knitting.  His eyes focused briefly and I saw a smile flicker across his face. Then he was asleep again.
It won’t be long now.