Slap Down

The cancer can live in my body  as long as it wants, provided it’s a quiet tenant.  And when it gets out of hand,  
we slap it down.
Jill Cohen
Today, when I opened up the Fall 2012 issue of Cure magazine, the first thing I saw was this quote.  It was highlighted in an article entitled “The Estrogen Effect.”  Jill Cohen learned she had metastatic breast cancer in 2002 but she has long outlived the statistical odds.
As a multiple myeloma survivor, this quote really spoke to me. I know that even though I am in remission, myeloma is always lurking in the background.  Yesterday, I saw my oncologist and got my latest blood work results.  My WBC had come up to 3900 from 3100 and my RBC was up a bit, although, still below normal.  Platelets and neutrophils were both in the normal range.  While my kappa and lambda light chains were in the normal range, my lambda chain has been trending upward  for several months.  I don’t like that.  Will it exceed the normal range in a month when I am checked again? Will it be in two months? Will it be next year? One can never know.  This is quite worrisome to me but my doctor keeps me under close surveillance and if the evil myeloma cells start misbehaving, they won’t get very far in their deadly work before they are discovered. Then it will be time for a slap down!  Thank God for the many advances in treatments for multiple myeloma.

Even though my lambda chain isn’t behaving the way I want it to, I have had several months of feeling well and enjoying life again and I plan on continuing. I have started yoga and I am volunteering at the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership.  It feels good to be back navigating the real world instead of the medical world.

Aislinn Striking a Pose Again
What a lovely bundle of paws she has.  She is quite the beautiful lady.