Sing: It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas……Aaaaaaat P.M.H.

Monday’s appointment went ok.  He needed magnesium.  Two hour IV drip.  Another long day.
Thursday’s appointment was great!  He got his blood work done and we found out all was good!!!!
No further blood tweaking with IV drips.
Since our staff company Christmas party was Friday night, we wanted to hear from the doctor whether he was well enough to attend with his immunity.  We got the ok from the transplant coordinator.  He also shared with us that once they get the results from his CT scan (Dec.16) they will hopefully initiate the transplant. Which means, Tony can get a call shortly afterwards.
Which means, he will be in hospital during the holidays.
Which means, this will be the best Christmas present ever.
Which means, perhaps there’s an angel in Heaven watching over us and blessing us with this news.
Awe, life is good again.
Tony, “the boss”, attended the company Christmas party tonight.  He looked great. Perhaps others may have thought he looked pale and fragile, but in my eyes, he looked great.  He had lots to say and lots of smiles. Yes, he felt the need to sit all the time.
Yes, he had no appetite.
Yes, he’s lost about 30 pounds since diagnosed.
Yes, but to me he looked great!
I love you Tony.
I’m so proud of the business you’ve developed.
I’m so proud of our boys stepping up to the plate and hitting that ball out of the park!  They have taken over the business.  Both customers and employees respect them like they continue to respect you and to root root for you!
Life feels good again.