Simply the best…

… I have had for a long time. Shopping is my kind of pain relief, thank you Kate for dreaming up this new form of therapy. Yesterday after swiftly getting my bloods done and dropping the dog off at Weston we swopped our car for the motorhome and headed for the shopping centre at London Colney

We divided the day into 2 halves, breaking off for lunch and a good sleep in the middle.
The first half was a little disappointing, as the dresses that looked so promising
on the shop dummies looked very different on me. But I did spot a lovely scarf in the

The next stop after a lovely lunch,long sleep and cuppa proved to be a great success. Luckily for me Colin enjoys shopping almost as much as I do. So we must have spent 3 hours in Marks and Spencer’s, which has a great range of summer clothing in at the moment. Suddenly Colin noticed the time, and remembered that the shopping centre car park has new restrictions with a hefty £70 fine if you stay over 5 hours. They sneakily photograph you as you enter and leave the massive car park. We were about ten minutes over so are very likely to receive a fine which rather spoils a fantastic day out. I shall appeal of course, well honestly five hours isn’t very long especially for someone like me who requires a sleep in the middle of proceedings!

I am so delighted with the clothes I came home with and had to try them on all over again. I would show them off on here but I don’t want to spoil the surprise, of what I am probably going to wear for the party. Let’s just say it’s not usually something you would wear during the day, and leave it at that!

Well I’m off to chemo today in good spirits. I really do think I have turned the corner as far as the neuropathic pain is concerned, now lets just hope that this new chemo drug doesn’t leave me with any nasty side effects.

Looking forward to seeing my best friends over the weekend.

Love from a very happy, back to my old positive self, Deborah. Xxxx