Simple Sunday with lots of chores…

Well, we went back to Ikea this morning to return the file cabinet. It didn’t fit under the desk and was just sitting on the floor at an awkward angle.  So we decided to use an old file box my daughter still had from school that will actually fit on the bottom shelf of the new Billy Shelf.  So, that will make it all look much better.

Then, we were planning on Costco to get the new Nova foam for our bed and it’s on sale with $30 off so an excellent deal. The reason for this shuffle is the tent trailer has our old Nova foam but when we were at New Brighton I realized the foam had lost its oomph. Like big time since I was pretty uncomfortable sleeping on the bed.  So the one on our bed will go out to the tent trailer and the new one on our bed.  So a win win.


Tonight we’re celebrating my sons 23rd birthday with grilled steak, tofu, green beans from the garden and some grilled potatoes. I made brownies for dessert and I need to run down to the market for ice cream. Tomorrow is his birthday but B will be flying out to LA to help with a co op opening all week. It was a hot day in August 1994 when our boy arrived at 2:28 in the afternoon.

Today it’s a little cooler 90 or so and at least somewhat pleasant.