Simple Sunday , oh wait it’s dex Sunday :)

Slowly, I’m feeling better. Less teary. ( is that a word)?? I’m trying not to do too much today. I’m in the flylady kitchen zone. So I’ll do most of that tomorrow. I need to vacumm and mop floors. Our temperatures are going way up to the high 90’s so B needs to put the window coolers in.

Also, I need to reset the budget taking out my checks and figuring how to reduce our budget by that $400 a month. If my daughter gives me an extra $100 for rent etc, then I need to only come up with the $300.

maybe stay out of target to start ( ha ha!!!), I’m off for the day.

A quiet day, with only a few simple things to do.
Steve Jobs Quotes
Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.
Steve Jobs