Simple Sunday and not Frugal :(

Okay, what happened to no spend stuff. Well, right out the window with spring on it’s way.

B and my daughter went to Home Depot yesterday and bought lumber for 1 raised bed and soil and some fencing. $ 170.

Then I found a source for linen so I can make some bread bags. I’m having lots of fun with my ‘new’ to me Zojirushi. I’m experimenting with whole wheat and white organic flours and ratios. Also, the timing of the rises. But I want something, not plastic to keep the bread in and looked up bread bags. So Food 52 had beautiful linen bread bags for $38. No, I’m not doing that. So I found an online source for 100% linen at $8.40 a yard. Wow, I ordered 2 yards.

But, remember, I don’t have a sewing machine as mine bit the dust. So I bit the bullet an ordered a Brother from Amazon. Right around $100 so I’m happy with that. I did try to source a free one or a used form thrifts but didn’t find much. I did find a Brother but they wanted $85, so I thought, well I may as well get a new one. I actually use to sew quite a bit in our ‘hippie’ years so maybe I’ll be inspired. At least I’m getting linen bread bags at a fraction of the cost of buying them made. I had also checked Etsy and forget it , way too expensive. I thought I’d make linen napkins too. I love how linen gets better with age. And this website had beautiful colors.

On a decluttering note, I did sell the Heywood Wakefield coffee table for $40, and today I’m going to list the treadmill. B also finally sold my son’s huge box of Brio.(probably $1000 worth) for $200. But he gave that to Z since it was his Brio. Still, it’s one one thing gone.


We went to the gym and did a small workout and then my daughter wanted to go to Target and look for some interview clothes. She has an interview next week which would be a bump up from her position now. Fingers crossed she gets it. So, back to Target.  I went in to get a spray bottle to make a mixture of water bleach. Yes, I know bleach isn’t environmentally friendly, but we have to use it in our bathroom since it’s so small it gets mold.  I also use vinegar and water but not on the shower curtains.  So then, of course, I figured I better get some cat cans, some of the said bleach, some veggie bacon, and then… an expensive SimpleHuman garbage pail for the kitchen. We’ve been using 2 different pails and it’s a pain in you know what. We have been trying to separate all recyclables but in our county, we have what’s called one pail. It’s everything goes on a conveyor belt and then gets separated. So we’ve gotten a little discouraged and will just keep trying to reduce waste. We compost anything that can be. Give the chickens any scraps. So Not frugal but it looks lovely and it’s quite big so we won’t be using so many liners. I call that a win.

Well, no more spending this week. I have all the groceries I need and more. So I figure a no spend week.