Simple Sunday and a cold:(

Well, I guess sooner or later I’d pick something up. My son had a cold this past week and I picked up the germ. Even though I’m pretty OC about hand washing something must have snuck in.  It’s not a terrible cold but still coughing, headache, etc. I’m not going to the gym today, obviously, so I’ll just tuck into a good book and hope by Tuesday it’s mostly gone. I have a dental cleaning that day and I’ve cancelled once, so I I hope it’s better and I’m not coughing….

It was very cool walking this morning as it was a heavy fog, and you couldn’t even see across the park. I only did a mile as I was hacking and blowing my nose non-stop.


Oh, the exciting news was our clawfoot tub faucet disintegrated and started leaking all over. So, it’s ordered as it is a special width, but we’ve been trying to take baths and wash our hair in the tub. Not really fun, so I hope it’s here tomorrow or Tuesday. I looked on Amazon and they actually had one, but B had already ordered it so we’ll stick with that. I should have looked right away as it would have been here by now. UGH>>> live and learn, Right??

Well, tonight we’re going to have tofu burgers and I’m going to make homemade rolls. I think I’ll grill some onions too.