Silver Linings

My hair is falling out, again.

I knew it would. I was more than prepared for it when I thought I was having my transplant. Get it all out the way in one go I thought… After all, I was fortunate enough to have kept it for so long.

I am not having my stem cell transplant now am I? Unfortunately, nobody told the cyclophosphamide that. My hair is falling out again and given everything else that has happened this week, the chances of just a bit of thinning, is slight. Especially when this just happened when I brushed my teeth.


If some good had come out of me having the chemo, you know, like getting better, I wouldn’t mind. No good has come from this though has it? It is October all over again.

I am now going to lose my hair, for it to grow back, for me to lose it again if I have a transplant.

I hate it. I hate this. I hate.