Silly homework

It’s the last week of school, so WCK’s class is done with “real” homework. Instead, they get “silly homework” every night this week. Last night’s silly assignment was this: “Follow a pet around the house for ten minutes, writing down everything they do. If you do not have a pet, politely follow a family member. If Mom or Dad asks you to stop, please stop.”

Jay and I had to laugh at the last sentence. I wonder if there were issues with this silly assignment in previous years. “But Mom, my teacher said I had to observe you lying around watching The Bachelor!”

Anyway. WCK was very excited about the pet assignment. Garland was not so excited. Then again, she is 16 years old and doesn’t get excited about much these days. Here is the report:

Garland the Cat

Licking her face. Sleeping. Looking at me weirdly. Looking at a tuft of fur. Sleeping. Getting curled up in a ball. Sleeping. Sleeping. Squirms in her sleep. Waking up. Starting to get mad. Looking at me weirdly. Starting to fall asleep. Stretching and yawning. Meowing. Meowing at my dad. Scratching. Looking at me. Itching her ear.

I almost think she embellished this to make it even more exciting, because this sounds a little wild for Garland.