Sick of having blood and Happy New Year.

Actually the title should be more like sick whilst having blood. I’ve been at the Royal Liverpool all day today, from about 9:30am till 5pm having two units of blood.

Now I have never had a reaction before to having blood but near the final second bag, I started to feel hot. I was on the Transplant Unit in one of the rooms, Charito was with me. I tried to fall asleep but couldn’t, even though I’ve not been sleeping very well. I’m not sure if my temp started to go up or I was just feeling hot, but then I started to feel sick.

I had to jump out of bed quite rapidly and rush to the toilet, which fortunately was right next to me in the room (not literally, but through a door into the bathroom, I’m sure you get the idea). Only just made it, by the time I unplugged the drip and manoeuvred the stand to get it into the bathroom. I threw-up the lunch I was provided and everything else I’d eaten. Not pretty!

They gave me some anti-sickness and took my obs, but my temp was normal, which was good. I felt a little better after being sick, but not perfect.

I thought that was it until I was about to go and I was putting my shoes back on and I was sick again! I just wanted to get outside to get a bit of fresh air.

I took a couple of cardboard bowls with me, just in case I felt like I was going to throw up on the way on. Bear in mind that I had to drive home from Liverpool which takes about 40 mins through a tunnel. Not sure what I would have done if I thought I was going to be sick in the the Mersey tunnel! Fortunately that didn’t happen, but I was feeling great all the way home. As soon as I parked up outside on the drive, I opened the car door and was sick in the garden, couldn’t be helped. Charito washed it all away for me later on though. Oh the joys of being ill.

I went straight to bed once I got in and had a few hours sleep. I still haven’t eaten anything and it’s now 11:50pm nearly the New Year and I’m writing on my blog.

So that just leaves me to say Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for your support in all the ways you do over the last year and I hope the New Year brings good things to everyone.

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