Short visit – Stable

Just back from review with Dr C and the report is good, m-band is at 1.6g/L and the rest of full blood count are normal and within range. The doctor is happy that pomalyst at 2mg and a low weekly dex 12mg is keeping myeloma stable. I do not have significant side effects except blurry vision for which I am being monitored by eye doctor.
The 4 hours at the hospital today was pleasant as we met with fellow myeloma friends and chatted about how we are and who is on what drug protocol. One just 3 months after transplant and looking well, another just back from a cruise found m-band crept up but today’s report showed a 10% reduction and he has been given the ok to motorbike up to Laos! Wow he is really adventurous and living life to the full… he is over 65, I think he said his grandson is 15! Another thing he shared was that he used to have low platelet around 50 (?) and someone suggested papaya leaves, he tried it au natural, tasted terrible, got it in capsule and takes one daily and now his platelet has gone up to over 100… Since I don’t have low platelet, I didn’t ask the details but thought I should just briefly share about it here.
My consult with Dr C was over quite quickly since there wasn’t much to discuss. See him in 2 months’ time.