Shoes for Arietty

While I was thinking about making Ginger skirts and my tendency to look out-of-proportion in a-lines, I was reminded of some wonderful Borrowers-inspired shoes I spotted.

They are sadly out of my price bracket, but they are so lovely, I thought you would like to see!

They are all from Fairysteps.

Their maker also has a lovely blog. She has been crochetting gorgeous cushion-covers recently :)

She makes bags and belts too.

I am kicking myself because she had a pair of shoes in my size reduced to half price because of a slight discolouration on one toe. I prevaricated for too long and someone else bought them – sob!

When I was a student in Leeds, I had a wonderful pair of red handmade leather ankle boots, from a shop called “Made To Last”. That shop is long gone, as are the boots: I wore them into the ground and a local shoe-repairer could not reverse the damage.

If I did not work in a fairly conservative environment, I would buy a pair of these and wear them every day.

I will have to save that treat for when I move to Hebden Bridge to live on a canal boat and keep cats.

I will knit and read and drink herbal tea all day.

I might even crochet some cushions :)