She thinks my Tractors Sexy …

….another one of my favourite songs by Kenny Chesney and doesn’t Mark just fit the bill!  Thank you everyone who came along yesterday to help out with the big clear out.imageimage I’m not sure if you can guess the person by the bum, maybe that could be one of the party games! Seriously everyone worked so hard and the main barn was cleared out of tractors, caravans and trucks, swept and dusted and tables and chairs washed and dried off all before it started to rain. Colin really enjoyed the company and getting stuck in with it all whilst I sat like lady muck drinking tea and reading my magazine in the conservatory. People who know me well will know how difficult I found this. The pain in my legs and feet is all consuming and I wasn’t even useful in the kitchen. A big thank you to Lorna and Kate who provided and sorted out all the food and drinks. I even got my own delicious ‘get better’ cake from Lorna.

I can now think about how to dress the barn, Sonja is making bunting and Lorna, Sophie, Kate and I have a few ideas.

As for the rest of yesterday, well you can probably guess by now what I did. I did however wake up to an exciting email and that was an offer to be taken up for a flight in a friends private little plane, and I don’t have to even wait for the raffle to come along to try and win the prize, (You will all get your chance then). This is something really to look forward to and will I am sure speed up my recovery.

Not much is planned today but I hope to go along to the village art exhibition and then maybe see one or both daughters around lunchtime. Its Colin’s mums birthday so Happy Birthday Shirley I hope you have a good day, Colin is on his way to see you now so get the kettle on.

Make it a good one today whatever you may be doing.

Deborah x