Sexy Sadie is OURS!

We took our Sadie to the Vet’s office on Tuesday.  NO CHIP!  NO HEARTWORMS!  (although, there’ll be a 4-month window to confirm).

She got all of her shots.  She’s OURS!

Doc said that she’s about a year old and whoever dropped her off, took the name off of her collar. 

Dom got her a kennel yesterday.  She was hesitant to go in, but when she finally did enter, she went right to her new box.  (She had been taking over the cats box on the picnic table).

She’ll be spayed in a couple of weeks.

She chews everything in sight.  An old pair of my tennis shoes has been destroyed.

She hasn’t had an accident in the house and has slept in our bedroom the past two nights.

We’ve got a feeling that “that dog don’t hunt”, so they got rid of her.

She’s very content here.  As are we!