Sex after Cancer

… I was not sure whether to add a question mark to the end of those 3 words.  This is a topic that I do not have current info to share… wait, and I have not been able to find any ‘relevant sources’ for real single (cancer survivor) people regarding the topic.  The irony here is, I only bring up this topic as it pertains to myself, and the fact I just had some major surgery on the lady bits.

This surgery was epic on many levels, but the deepest was the emotional change I went through.  For me it was empowering to have a ‘reconstruction’ occur within areas related to trauma from the past.  It may seem strange to people that are not part of certain ‘survivor clubs’, but I did high five my male surgeon, and thanked him for ‘listening’, and it felt like the baton of life was handed back to me as a grown ass woman.  Much like the chemo removing the cancer, when parts of my body are repaired, I feel the repair in the rest of my being.  Dr. Duncan said “It is just perfect.” …my reply was: “Doctor, I could Not have told you the difference… so Thank you for letting me know it looks alright, and thank you, for the new start.”  It is kind of neat to know some of the best doctors in the country.

To simplify a situation:  Compare my inner lady bits to a slightly souped up Dell computer, originally uploaded in say…the 1990’s, …or that cartoon…was it Sad little Toaster? or Tiny toaster?… anyhow… it’s broken, with dusty-cob-webby- hardware that HAD to be brought to a specialist because… some broken things still have life and deserve to live… hahaha… Anyway, the ‘specialist’ just so happened to  escape from Apple in 2019, in time to ‘refurbish’ My FPOS; factory operating system … meaning Personal Operating System…  in my head, it is funny, so that is totally OK.

To answer the question that was never asked, nope, nada, no hanky panky, just a whole lot of anxiety, stress, and… um, there ya go.  So, I am just curious how in the world a person that has been single for this long… plus fought and beat cancer, will ever be able to just meet a normal human and have ‘small talk’, or will I forever be telling the stories of humans that have survived encounters with me?