Septembers To Remember


So not a whole lot to report since my last post, except thankfully most of my excruciating pain has ebbed away, however I do still have strange twinges in my lower left side and legs, but not every night like last month. I just can’t identify if the pain is bone, muscle, nerve. It’s so deep, radiating and persistent. So different then a skin-cut type of pain, or pain from banging into something. Perhaps I can “blame” Zometa for it, and my horrific reaction back in July! I’m looking forward to what my upcoming MRI will show.

Next Darzalex infusion is this coming Monday, Sept 10. The end of the month will be 2 months back on the every other week Darza schedule. Will be interesting to see what my labs show…

Thought it would be interesting to look back on my September posts, and see where I was at this time each year, medically and psychologically. I have linked them below for you to browse through. I can’t believe Myeloma has been my life for so long now. So much has changed, yet so much is similar…
This time 9 years ago, Myeloma was raging inside of me, but I had no idea…










Thanks for checking in, and following my myeloma life story!