September at the Beach

September is a lovely time to visit PCB.  The kids are back in school, the beach is uncrowded, and this year the water was spectacular.

Patricia drove down for 4 nights.  (My favorite roomate!).  Much to my delight, a lifelong hometown neighbor and family friend, Rondi came down from Colorado for a couple of nights with her husband Roy.
We had a grand time.  I had a pizza delivered one night.  Then we hung out at the beach the entire next day.  It was wonderful to be with an old Ohio pal!

I was there for a couple of weeks.  Patricia and I hit our favorites….Dee’s Hangout and Los Rancheros.  For the most part, I just hung out at the beach all day, then fended for myself foodwise.  I don’t like to eat out alone.

Much to my delight, pals Keith and Lauren came over to spend a night.  We did some Stouffer’s lasagna in the condo, Keith sprung for happy hour across the street, then we played on the beach the next morning.  (We’re getting really good at ladder-golf)

This was amusing….. the gulf was loaded with stingrays.  I had done some research on them and learned that they’re harmless but curious creatures.  (Unless you step on one, as Rondi’s brother did a few years ago here).
From the 22nd floor, we’d watch these critters swimming towards people.  Wait for it….wait for it…..  “AHHHHHHHHHH”.  They’d run screaming out of the water.  Funny.

So…. it was a wonderful 2 weeks.  Dom and I are headed back in October.  Cannot wait!