September 7th

I am sitting her at SCCA this morning. Something is wrong with the internet in my apartment but I get free access here at the clinic and I couldn’t wait to update you all. As I mentioned, my cd-34s were at a count of 65 unexpected by my doctors. I started apheresis on Friday(that is the machine that collects my stem cells). Friday night I got a call informing me that I just collect over 20 billion stem cells. I only needed to get 10 billion for two transplants. My doctor said it would be difficult to get that many collected let alone be able to collect it all in one day.

God is our miracle worker. I still sit here amazed at what my body has done in healing itself. I praise God continually for the strength I have and the way I keep bouncing back. Since the doctors keep telling me to not expect much and then I amazingly exceed those expectations, we know it is an act of God. He is the miracle worker. I can’t wait to glorify God when I am completely healed when this stem cell process is done.
My doctor wants to put me on a maintenance therapy after the transplant convinced my cancer will be back in less than a year(normal for my type of myeloma). I researched the medicine she suggests which is a histone, type of protein our body normally uses. It supposedly helps to keep the cancer cells from reproducing and it doesn’t have any serious side effects and it is just a pill that I take 14 out of 28 days plus velcade 2x a month. Pray for wisdom.