Sept 3rd update

I am sitting totally amazed at what happen today. Just a quick overview of
what my nurse keeps me updated on. Last Fri by White blood cell counts
were over 20.0. Norms run between 4.3-10.0. That was because the steriod
Dex was giving my body lots of energy right after chemo from what I
figured. Sat. I dropped to 17.6. Here is the rest of the week 2.9, .65,
.25, .39. The day I was .25 I had no energy level. Slept most of the day.
Melanie was starting to get sick and immediately left the house afraid she
would get me sick. I had no neutophils (thats the stuff in your body that
fights infection). 0, none nada. You get the point. I called my oldest son
who by the grace of God came home from his summer job last Thurs and was
able to come help me. Of course, I asked the nurse when she thought I
might start on the machine. She said maybe a couple of days or maybe as
far out as Labor Day. No real encouragement. Just go with the flow. (I
never lost any hair either). So, yesterday she said if my wbc goes over
1.0 then they will do a cd-34 which will give a indication how many of
those little itty bitty baby stem cells are floating around in my blood. Ok
fine. Don’t expect it to be much more that 10 and I will still get my cell
growth stimulating drug. Surprisingly by white blood cell count jumped to
1.67. Large jump from .39. So, back down to the labs to give more blood. I
told the technician they must like my blood they sent me down again. 4
hours later I should be getting a phone call informing me of my cd-34
count. If it doesn’t make it to 10, we will wait another day. Well, after
being cooped up for two entire days. I got passes for my son and I to go to
the Seattle aquariam(kids are back to school in Seattle). Trick is to get
down there on the bus and not being around crowds. Its a Thurs. We need
get through Pike place market. Hopefully, there won’t be much of a crowd
around 1 to 2. Wrong. I am suppose keep a ten foot bubble around me. We or
shall I said I looked funny. We stood in the middle of the street away from
everybody. I have my face cover with my coat waiting for an opening to the
downstairs. Once there was we made a beeline through the opening. Whew, no
crowds after that. Spent a wonderful day at the aquariam and decided to go
to the Old Spaghetti factory after that. Before we left the aquariam, my
nurse managed to call my son, John, I never left his phone #. My phone had
gone out of service under the dome and she must of tried to call me then.
I was talking to Melanie that is why I knew I lost reception. I talked to
the nurse and she said good news we can start on the machine tomorrow be
in at ll. Here is what is so amazing. My cd-34 count was 65. They were not
expecting to make 10 let alone more than 20. My doctor keeps saying that
because of the type of drugs I was on it was going to be difficult to even
get enough stem cells for two transplants. She even made be undo my signature on
research that could use my extra stem cells I would possibly have because I won’t
have enough .
Isn’t God totally awesome. My body has never been the norm. In fact, she
told me I needed to go get some pain releivers because as the cells are
trying to crowd out of my bone marrow I would be in a lot of pain. It
would help me sleep. When I went in today, she asked how my pain was and
how did I sleep. I looked at her dumpfounded. I felt something was
happening. My back was weak and my left thigh was tender. What about my
skull. Fine. Scale of 1-10. Maybe .5. She even told me that if the pain
gets any worse some people have to even get morphine because they can’t
handle it. Its ok, to cry and ask for morphine if I needed. And, what do I
do today. Walk all around the aquariam. Walk 13 blocks to the spaghetti
factory, then up hill several blocks to the bus. I have not been feeling
any pain. Relaxed tonight watching a movie and feeling great so I decided
to email and update my blogspot.
I know I’m crazy but you know life needs to be enjoyed to its fullest. God
has everything under control. Besides, I am going to be completely healed
and live to 100 years old. Can’t keep me down. (p.s. Mark and Debra I may
still come to the meeting if I’m not to busy).
God Bless you all and love you all. Becky