Sept. 29th

I settled in Seattle again. I spent a week and a half visiting family and friends. Begun my transplant process on Sept. 28th. I was given melphalan (the bomb chemo) and lots of IV fluids afterward. During the whole process that started at 9 am and lasted until 2 pm and was required to suck on ice chips. They have found that keeping your mouth cold while given the melphalan will help the mouth and throat sores not to be so severe.
Today is -1 day before transplant and tomorrow will be 0 day. Rebirth of my bone marrow. Melphalan wipes out all new growth cells in your body which means it wiped out the cells in the bone marrow as well as new cells growing in my mouth, throat, stomach, hair,etc. Tonight I am doing well. I had a bout with nausea last night and took some extra anti-nausea pills and laid down for awhile. After the pills took effect, I was able to eat dinner.
The nurse says it will take until about Friday before the worse to hit. Need to watch my temp constantly because any fever will put me into the hospital immediately.
Continue to pray for speedy recovery with little or no side effects.
God bless you all and thank you so much for the prayers. Becky