Sep 18th

It has been over two weeks since I last updated. I saw my doctor on Sept. 9th and all my blood counts were pretty much normal. They scheduled my transplant on Sept. 30th which puts my chemo (bomb) on Sept. 28th. I go back to see my doctors on Sept. 23rd for last minute consultation. I have to see the dentist again on Sept. 22nd to make sure my teeth are very clean.

I was able to go to the intro class for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) on Sept. 15th . I am so excited to start BSF again. They are going through the book of John this year. I will also be going to Oregon on the 20th and 21st to visit with all the managers for Tree of Life. I don’t have to go and since I miss everyone and only get to see them twice a year as it is I am really excited to go. Sunday night is dinner and fellowship and Monday morning I will only stay till lunch. I hoping to see how my store did last year for sales since our fiscal year ends in July. Tough year last year with all the snow closures in December and the slow economy. Looking forward to a better year this year with the 2010 Olympics coming up in February. I hope to be back to work by then God willing. It all depends on how my body responses to the transplant.
Believe it or not my hair decided to finally fall out. I am completely bald now. I woke up Sunday morning and noticed quite a bit a hair on my pillow. Took a shower that night and washed my hair and I had a handful after rubbing my hand across it once. Strange sight. By Tuesday it was pretty much bald.
I had the opportunity to attend an 8th grade graduation meeting with Josh’s school and open house this week. I guess they have an official skip day the day before graduation and throughout the school year they do fund raisers for the cost of the trip and cost of graduation. I still need to put in volunteer time sometime this year so I decided to apply for substitute teaching and volunteer to substitute a couple of times this next year. If my health is up to it, I hope to help with the winter trip which will be in January.
I just got a call from volunteer services a moment ago and my name was drawn for tickets to any one of the Mariners games this weekend. They are playing the Yankees. My sister-in-law came up this week to visit and she is a fanatic for the Mariners like me. I couldn’t believe I won tickets again. So, we are going to really enjoy ourselves.
Pray for my health as I continue to work to stay healthy before my transplant. 10 days to chemotherapy. Pray for my trip to Oregon. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Eugene.
Thank God for the many blessings he has blessed me with this last month. Love you all.