Second scare

Early morning of November 7th, Tony felt warm to the touch.  He went to work and was unable to breath and talk normally.  Went home early.  His temperature kept rising and he was suppressing a cough to avoid pain in the chest.   Off to Humber River emergency again.

Another x-ray showed no pneumonia.  Blood work was okay.  They gave Tony morphine and antibiotics and Tylenol and again, saline with IV.  The doctor decided to keep him overnight.  
We had an appointment anyways at Humber River the next day, which was great.  So, from emergency to upstairs doctors office.  His doctor is wonderful.  She even came to visit us in emergency.  I felt like hugging her!!!!  With her visit she delivered the news…..two fractured ribs!  No wonder he couldn’t breath or cough.  He was in such pain!!!!!  This disease effects your bones.  They are brittle and can break easily.  So, pain killer pills for Tony. ASAP!!!!!  Chemo was to begin that day but due to fever, it has been delayed till he gets better.  We were sent home with Home Care to begin four days of IV saline…..