Second attempt for Chemo

Tuesdays are chemo day for Tony.  We are ready for this.  Appointment is for 10am.
However, due to Remembrance day, things get delayed…..Aren’t hospitals open 24/7 ?  Don’t get that.
To add to this delay, last week we went to Princess Margaret to hear them out about a study for this type of condition.  After reviewing Tony’s records, he didn’t qualify.  His kidneys are functioning normally and they are looking for patients having difficulties with them.  So, the positive spin—he’s too healthy for this study.  I’ll take that!  We are offered the same treatment that Humber River offers.  Same drugs.  We decided to stay with Humber River rather than drive to Downtown Toronto.  So due to communication to oncologist and Remembrance Day….chemo is delayed, again.

Also, because this condition makes your bones brittle, risking fractures is high.  So, to confirm Tony’s sore foot is in fact gout and not a breakage, Dr orders another X-ray…..We get to X-ray department and are greeted on a first name basis…..they know him!  That’s scary.  Four x-rays in 8 days! WHOA!
We are still waiting on those results….

So, until he gets more mobile and the daily IV saline drips stop, then we hope he can get back to work.