Seattle, here we come!!!

It’s official. we are going to Seattle next week. Dr. Libby is starting a clinical trial and is not taking new patients, so I’ll be seeing another specialist, Dr. Green. We will spend 3 nights there so  we can sight see. Seattle is on my bucket list so, all in all a good thing.

I was think of starting a gofund me help with this expense but feel kinda weird about it.. any ideas anyone.??? Not sure how to do it. But with plane tickets and hotel, food.. we’re probably looking at $1800. The hotel is almost $800, yikes!!!!  Maybe this is why I haven’t done this before, because its dam expensive.Well, at least this will give me a different look at my myeloma. I’m fortunate I’m not in crisis mode. I don’t like surprises, so hopefully nothing alarming comes up.

I’m off for labs today, a few groceries (ha!) ,then maybe a couple of other errands. I’m going to go buy a top or two at old Navy to bring with me to Seattle. Maybe tomorrow if my daughter wants to go too.