Sea Monkey mania!

WCK’s grandma bought her some Sea Monkeys. I had Sea Monkeys when I was a kid, so I was pretty excited. If you’re not familiar with Sea Monkeys, they are teeny, tiny brine shrimp that you raise in a little tank. The kit comes with a little packet of eggs. You pour the eggs into the water, and bam! Instant pets! Then you feed them and watch them grow from really, really, really tiny to just kinda tiny.

The only downside to Sea Monkeys is that they don’t actually look like this:

How does the mom get her hair to stay so nice under the water?

No, they actually look like this:

Their hair is not so nice.
Actually, this is probably a good thing. If they looked like the family in the first photo, I would get way too emotionally attached to them, and we all know that someday they’ll join our two betta fish in The Big Plastic Tank in the Sky.
For now, though, they are thriving. Yesterday I noticed that one of the monkeys had an odd-looking growth near its tail. I started wondering if he/she had some kind of Sea Monkey cancer or a fungus or was simply deformed or something, so I started Googling Sea Monkeys. (And just because I spend a lot of my day watching the Sea Monkeys and Googling their health conditions does not mean I’m emotionally attached! It does not!) It turns out the odd-looking growth is an egg sac, which means we have a pregnant female Sea Monkey! Congratulations, Sea Monkeys! Not that I am emotionally attached!
So we have five Sea Monkeys total. One is the pregnant lady, two are males, and two are still too small to tell what they are. This means we don’t know who is the father of the baby (babies?). I guess we’ll have to wait until the birth and see who it looks like.