SCT – What Day Is It?!?

Sort of like Morris Day, “What time is it???”, I’ve lost count for “What Day Is It”.  Suffice it to say it’s Friday and my wife took the iPad away from me at 1113p (prior to it falling and hitting me in the face) and I didn’t awake till 0500!  This was drug induced (Halcion) and it seems to be helping.  Last weekend I tried to NOT take the Halcion and that didn’t do too well.

I had my acupuncture on Wed and it was relatively painless.  I can’t say what direction it’s taking me with respect to the peripheral neuropathy but I do believe it’s helped with the sleep.  The p/n is still there, bearable but there.  I have moments when it feels like a very specific and local shock to my foot.  I feel a similar thing in my fingers sometimes though not as often.

I go into the doc on 17 April and am hoping to convince him to let me get back to work the following Monday.  I need to get back on schedule.

That’s all for now – I’ll do the math next time!