SCT Day36 – New Drug & Too The Point

Day 36 and I was dead tired by 9ish last night.  I was asleep shortly thereafter and woke up refreshed and feeling wonderful – except it was 00:30 in the morning.  I was up again at 01:30 and 03:something and then 04:something, etc.  So where I may have slept for three hours straight at the start of the night, that wasn’t happening through the rest of the day.

Today I’m back to Mt Sinai for my first month out visit.  I don’t have a doctor’s appointment but I am going to go Texas and lasoo a nurse practitioner till she gives me something other than Ambien to help me sleep.  Hopefully tonight I’ll have a new drug to try!  yippee!

I also see the acupuncturist today.  This is a real doctor, in my generalists office, who has a license in acupuncture.  I’m hoping this will help w/ the p/n.  I’ll work with her on a schedule of how often I can go.

that is all for now!