SCT Day34 – No Ambien

I did get some sleep – and then this morning, I saw the light…in the darkness…a glimmer that slowly turned brighter as my mind came more aware.  I was in Podunk, IL (why?  WTFKs) and the light was my wife getting ready for her shower – I don’t believe the Ambien has worn off! :)

No real change last night.  I was in bed at 00:02 and up at 01:30, 03:30, 04:40 and 05:30.  Those times aren’t exact but I did not take a potty break during any of those times (as far as I can remember).  I still feel like I have an Ambien hangover but nothing bad.  My back is a little stiff but not like it was yesterday morning or the day prior.  I don’t think I got any more or less sleep and will hopefully hear from the doctor today.  I think I may ask for Ativan or similar to be taken at my discretion when needed.  Even then keeping it to when I really just haven’t gotten any sleep.

Wednesday I go in for bloodwork and then to my generalist for acupuncture to help with the neuropathy.  This isn’t something that works overnight so I’ll have to think long haul on this one.

For now – please pass along best wishes to Vicky and Bob – both at Day 11 of their SCT (one in Canada and one in the UK).  Here’s hoping they’ve turned the corner!