SCT Day24 – Go Eng A Land, For Bob!

Today is Day 24 and my sleep patterns are still miserable.   I’m not sure what’s causing the issues but I’ll have more on that later.  Today, Noon EST (either 17 or 1800 GMT I believe) England play France in the Six Nations Rugby.  Now I’m not usually cheering for England but today is special!

Bob is at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham, UK.  Today is “Day2” for Bob having finally gotten a room at Heartlands and done his Melphalan and then his transplant earlier this week.  Bob and I agreed that we would both be sporting Eng-A-Land jerseys.  Again, I’m not usually a supporter but they are playing France – for those Septics out there that need the explanation please comment.  All else should understand fully!  So today I’m singing “Swing Low….” and saying things that nobody can understand, just like my Brit friends!  I’m not sure I can role out the Cockney Rhyming Slang but I did use Seppo above! :)  Please cheer on England and Bob so he can get through this with bells on!
*** Updated with photo of Bob ***

On my front, sleep is still not going the way that I had hoped.  I was in bed till just before 0700.  However, I was up at 0015 when the movie my wife was watching was over.  Again at 0137 and again at 0433.  I think I may have woken once more before 0600 but don’t quite remember.  I’m sending a note to the docs to ask about sleep meds, nothing too strong but at least to get me a few more hours in a row.

On the other front, I’ve been drinking my water as well as drinking coconut water to try and stay hydrated.  I’m also using aquaphor to keep my hands from just falling apart.  But my feet have been the crazy ones.  I feel like I’m getting a corn on my left foot (ball of foot) and my feet, by end of day, are just miserable looking – dry, scaly, etc.  Last night I used the Olbas oil and coco oil on both and that did seem to help a bit.  However, I could find, this morning, the parts that weren’t covered (between my right big toe and first toe).   Just out of the shower and put aquaphor on feet to see how that works.

For now I need to get a pizza ready for when the kids return so I can watch the game!

C’mon Bob, C’mon England, C’mon Ref, he’s been doing it all day sir!