SCT Day 9 – update

It’s Day 9 and my numbers are doing what was expected.  My platelets dropped more than expected and I ended up getting a platelet transfusion today.  We’ll see what the numbers are tomorrow and how the transfusion helped.  The doc are very impressed with my progress thus far and we have started talking about discharge.  I need to have a certain level on the white blood cell count as well as my neutrophils count but if I reach those numbers then I could be getting out very soon.  I’ll still need to be cautious at home, will most likely need to give myself neupogen and come in for check ups, etc.  Right now my biggest concern is getting my insides back in order as that’s been a literal pain in the ass for 2 days now!
So, I will apologize for not having a more detailed update today but getting the platelets put me in a benadryl sleep.  And since then I’ve been watching Swamp People for going on seven hours now! :)