SCT Day 59 – a corner turned?

A quick update as I have lots to get done today.  Took the Halcion last night rather than the Ambien.  The Ambien kept me in bed but I didn’t feel like I slept yesterday.  I also got a call from my insurance nurse (yes, my insurance nurse) telling me that a side effect of Acyclovir is insomnia.  So I took the acyclovir at 6p rather than before bed.  Remember, I felt like I got no sleep the night prior and I only had 2.5-3 hours sleep the night before that.  I also got a Hong Kong massage (strong elbows and stretching) yesterday.

But I’m going to list the primary reason for success as the acupuncture sessions.

Last night I closed the light sometime after 1130 and got up to use the potty around 330.  I then got out of bed at 0630.  That’s a normal night that I could live with!  I won’t have acupuncture for two weeks as we’re at my folks house for a week.  I’m not sure what I’ll take tonight as we have an early flight in the morning.  But I feel like we have turned a corner (or at least see the bend.  Hats off to AmyG for setting the two month time frame!