SCT Day 58 – Ambien 2 Sleep 6

Last Thursday I got a scrip from Mt Sinai for Halcion.  As it’s a controlled substance you need to have the physical scrip but the pharmacy was able to get me a 5 day supply.  Two nights ago I decided to try and sleep drug free, resulting in about two and a half hours of sleep total.  I felt pretty good for not sleeping so well!  I have pictures of my head as a canvas which I will post later (Eileen already put some up on facebook).  But I digress….

When I came back yesterday I checked the mail for my Halcion scrip – Duane Reade told me that they were giving me an emergency supply and the doctor’s office was mailing me the scrip.  Since I hadn’t seen the scrip in the mail, I checked at DR.  At first they said they got the scrip yesterday but there was a problem.  Apparently the RX insurance provider places a limit on the number of units you can get of a controlled substance.  If the docs scrip is beyond that amount then the doc needs to call and confirm.  I called Mt Sinai and spoke to the admin staff there who will send a message to the NP to address the issue.  So I went home and waited.  But not long!  The pharmacy called me back to say they confirmed they received a “fax” of the scrip but not the actual scrip.  Without the actual scrip I wasn’t getting anything!

I made another call and finally got the admin that has a clue.  The NPs apparently both remember me telling them I would come up to Mt Sinai to pick up the scrip.  The only problem with that story is that nobody ever spoke to me!  They spoke to DR but they never spoke to me.  So this morning I had to schlep up to Mt Sinai to pick up my scrip.  And it still took me 30 min of waiting!

So last night, after the prior evening of only 3 hours max of sleep, I decided to take two Ambien and see what happened.  I went to bed around 11 and woke up (to the best of my memory) at 0530.  That’s the first time.  However, I don’t feel rested.  When I woke up I felt like I had been hit by a small truck.  Just sore in the arms and shoulder areas.  I don’t remember dreaming at all.  With the Halcion I was dreaming.  I also didnt take my B complex vitamin today in place of a B12 specific to help with the neuropathy.  I did have acupuncture yesterday and will address that in a separate blog entry.

So at the end of the day, 2 Ambien knocked me out for 6 hours but I’m not sure if it did what was necessary.