SCT Day 57 – well….

No Halcion last night – went to bed around 11-ish.  Woke up at 0214 – been up since – so that little idea didn’t really work too well!  :)

I can’t say the Halcion is the reason I’ve been sleeping as I really haven’t been sleeping.  But I’ve not woken up and then couldn’t get back to sleep.  That is a first.

For now – it’s time to get the kids breakfast ready.  I’m also meeting up with my artist friend Eileen today and she’s going to test color my head.  As part of my idea to 1) have fund with being bald and 2) potentially get others to do the same for a calendar, Eileen’s going to test my head as a canvas and see how easy/tough it might be.  More on that later.