SCT Day 55 – Radio Silent

Apologies for being radio silent.  I think the lack of sleep is catching up with me and it was a typical weekend with kids, sports, etc.  And a new drug!  Haclion (Triazolam) which is another sleeping pill similar to Ambien (Zolpidem) but the pharmacist said it was actually more along the lines of Ativan (Lorazepam).  Read the Wikipeida reference – it doesn’t sound like a fun drug!  One fbook friend referred to it as an oldie but goodie.  When the NPs finally called me back (the Epic MyChart system and how bad it functions is fodder for another blog entry) I told them my thought process.

Since I believe the neuropathy is keeping me from sleeping through the night and that’s related to the pain in my feet and legs, it was my thought that a pain killer might help dampen the pain and give me a few hours straight of sleep.  But my parents’ doctor had recommended something called Halcion, so I brought that idea up as well.  Of course it wasn’t the NP that actually called me but another nurse down in the pecking order!  She can’t do anything so she needs to confirm with the NP directly.  Two hours later she says we’re getting you the Halcion.  As this is ANOTHER controlled substance they either have to mail (snail) me the scrip or I have to come pick it up – however, I didn’t realize that.

I decided to make the move – from CVS to Duane Reade (Walgreen’s) that is next door to my building. “Just fax it over…” – famous last words!  To be sure, I called Duane Reade to make sure they were aware of my scrip coming.  Of course they needed basic info but they also needed my prescription drug card identification.  I carry my BCBS card everywhere – that’s my insurance card – but it’s NOT my prescription drug card.  I call BCBS who tells me they can refer me over to Caremark who handles my prescription drugs.  Then I have to tell CVS/Caremark that I’m switching to Duane Reade!  Then I pass along all the identifying details to the pharmacists via the Duane Reade voicemail system.

I head over to just confirm they got the scrip and everything is fine, etc.  That’s when I learned about the controlled substance issue.  They were able to get me a 5 day emergency dosage based upon the doctor’s verbal confirmation and I should be receiving a physical scrip in the mail for an extended dosage.  That leaves me with the very quick Facebook poll I placed on Friday – should i:

  • use “binaural beats” audio therapy to lull myself to sleep – the act of using two varying frequencies to ‘entrain’ your brain to a certain frequency that is akin to sleeping or;
  • take the drug

My completely unscientific poll proved one thing – I don’t have the reach I used  to! :)  Three people said go binaural, two said go drug and one said if one doesn’t work, try the other.   Thursday night I tried the binaural beats.  My wireless headphones died while doing it so i woke up hearing waves but not through my headphones.  When I switched to the wired headphones I found out how much the cats love playing with headphones and how much they can hurt your ears when you leave them in and roll over onto your side.  Bottom line, it didn’t work and I was a miserable wreck on Friday.

Friday night I tried the Halcion for the first time.  I think I was able to sleep for about four hours (midnight to 4a) or at least I don’t remember getting up.  I don’t feel like I was rested and the rest of the night was no different than before.  On Saturday I tried it again but I was taking care of the kids so when the youngest came into say hi to Mommy (who was still out with friends) I was 20-30 minutes into it.  Twice I had to get up and bring her back to bed.  After the second time Mommy came home.  Halcion is a short acting drug that puts you down but doesn’t leave you with the big cloud in the morning.  However, I think waking you in the middle of when it’s working isn’t a good thing either.  At the end of the night, I was a wreck on Sunday – not a happy camper.  The grouch that awoke on Sunday could be due to lack of sleep or could be due to the Halcion though I don’t remember seeing that specifically in the reactions.
I took it again last night and I feel like I may have got some rest but I was definitely up a similar number of times.  I’m not seeing any other side effects but I may try and go to another massage sooner rather than later as my neck and lower back are both aching (too tense when I sleep I guess.)  Another friend is taking the bikram yoga (hot yoga) that is near his office.  I may try that to see if I can get back into a stretching and workout mode.  
So I’m sticking with the Halcion for now – will have acupuncture on Wednesday – may get another massage and then we’re off to my folks house in SC for a week where I hope the weather will be over 60 deg as I really am, for the first time in my life, OVER winter!  
Will talk more soon!  And apologies for those that have emailed but I haven’t gotten back to yet!