SCT Day 50 – OUCH!

Like I said last time, I felt like the acupuncture was having an effect.  It seemed to focus the pain, almost as if it was cornering the pain, like a rat, getting ready to force it out of my body.  I told the doc this today prior to my session and she was glad that it sounded like something was occurring.  Well today, something was DEFINITELY occurring.

I have a relatively high tolerance for pain.  Years ago, while still in Hongkers, my wife and I were back in the states and we got tattoos with my brother and his wife.  It was a surprise for mum and dad later on!  Well I was the first to get that tattoo: family crest on the left ankle.  When finished, I headed home to get changed into something more casual.  They all asked, “did it hurt” and I responded, “only a little, more a bit ticklish when they had to fill in the colored parts”.  When I returned my SIL was ready to kill me (for her red Canadian flag place around the hip) because it HURT LIKE HELL!

So when I have acupuncture there’s a needle, hell, there’s a whole lotta needles!  But it’s just a bit of a prick and the needle is in.  Two sessions ago the webbing between my left big toe and first toe hurt a bit when the needle went in but everything else was fine.

Today was a whole different story.

Anything that went into my feet hurt and it hurt like hell!  Twice I jerked my foot when she put the needle in – I have never done that.  I believe I had about 6 needles per foot (not including ankle area which had another 2).  Every one hurt going in.

And then she hooked up the batteries.

The first four circuits were fine, these circuits feel like a slow tap on the area in question, two circuits on each side.  Then there’s the two circuits between the toes and the top of the foot, which usually provides a buzzing sensation to the area.  Not today.  When it came to the left foot it was by the toes and was a hot burning sensation between and under the toes.  On the right side when she slow turned up the amperage it was like having a live electrode strung between the toes and the top of the foot.  I told her this and then quickly asked that she turn it off – it hurt that much!   Part of it was most likely fear but the pain was much greater than I’ve ever felt.  We finally got the power on and I felt it top of foot rather than by the toes and the sensation was more heat or electrical than a simple vibration.

I asked if this is ‘normal’ and was told there really is no normal.  But it definitely looks like something is happening and the acupuncture is taking effect.  My feet are still singing!

more later.