SCT Day 48 – not too much change

I’ll be a little more analytical in this post.  I’ve been trying to monitor and notice changes that are occurring and whether or not they are caused by the acupuncture.  I’ve also been trying to sleep – again, for clarity, I can get to sleep, I just can’t sleep for longer than two hours at a stretch.  I won’t get back out of bed but I will roll over, look at the time, move, and then fall back asleep.  Not since January, when I entered the hospital, have I been able to sleep longer than two hours.

The weekend was busy, as usual.  We had an early morning, just above freezing, baseball practice and I tried to help coach but wasn’t doing to well running (well more like jogging, sort of, I guess really speed walking) those missed fly balls.  But even with gloves on my fingers were just too cold.  Then one of the mothers started talking about her husband home with a fever and I realized I should probably be a bit careful!  While my son was away most of the day at the Atl10 basketball championships, the wife, daughter and I went to see the school play: The Sound of Music.  So well done but this lack of sleep is making me a wimp.  I almost cried multiple times throughout the night as I kept thinking what it would be like if my son or daughter were up there on stage (it was definitely SOM, don’t think “King and I” would have caught me like that!)  So in addition to being Monopoly’s Water Works, my feet and calves were also singing by the end of the night.  But I had a plan.  I bought Benadryl and was going to try that as a solution to knocking myself out.

It didn’t make any positive difference.  As a matter of fact, the only difference it made was it gave me diarrhea.  That made for a fun Sunday start!

So back to the neuropathy, I feel like the acupuncture has put focus on the pain and has caused it to be a bit worse in some respects.  This, I believe, is a good thing, but tough to describe.  It’s almost like the body is identifying the points of pain, and making them burn themselves out.  Last night I was up around 6 times from 10 till midnight.  Throughout the rest of the evening I found that if I was on my back I would sleep for about two hours.  On either side it was 45 min to an hour of sleep at most.  Perhaps this has something to do with my sleeping ability as well.  I’ll bring this up w/ the acupuncture doc on Wednesday.

On the sleep front, I’m just going to have to power through it.  I’d like to do some exercise or stretching but just can’t focus and can’t get up in the morning to do it.  Today my goal is to work on the blood work spreadsheet as I have numerous people asking for this now!  If I can stay focused and get that done then I may head to work one day and try and get some stuff done there.  It’s coming on end of quarter and I need to get work done!

That’s it for now!