SCT Day 45 – halfway to 90!

It’s Friday again – I feel like a sloth with no motivation and getting nothing done.  I know I’m supposed to be resting and getting better but I would also like to feel like I’m “together” mentally.  And suffice it to say I’m not “together”!

I still have the cold and yesterday was my third day on Mucinex D.  Unfortunately I didn’t take it till around Noon and it really does last 12 hours!  I didn’t get to sleep till after Midnight.   I then awoke at 0130, 0230 and two or three times after that.  Still congested and cloudy in the head.  Over the night it seems to have settled more into my chest but I think it’s just mucus settling and not the cold moving into the chest.  I’m going to be a bit more consistent with the Olbas Oil and Cocoa Butter to help with the feet.  After Wednesday’s acupuncture session it seems like things are more prevalent, more focused which means hurting a bit more.  But that could mean that we’re focusing the issue towards relieving it. Or it could be my addled brain playing games with me!

The lack of sleep and this cold are getting to me.  I really don’t have any focus and can’t get things done.  If it takes longer than 5-10 minutes I’m lost.  Writing this post has been severely difficult and I’ve stopped twice!

More later – going to take a shower to wake up!