SCT Day 43 – further update

We have a new pope – and hopefully he can cure my cold as I was wrong this morning, it’s not gone away.  I broke down and took two mucinex d around 10a and my nose has been running all day long.  So I think I have a few more days of this mess – no fever and nothing else but this sniffling alone is enough to be a pain in the arse!

On the sleep side, obviously the cold didn’t help with the sleep.  I actually did feel like I slept better last night (which is why I thought the cold was going away) but I don’t feel any more rested now.  I did meet up with my acupuncturist today and she obliged me by taking a photograph!

You have to look closely as the ‘white’ part you see is simply the ‘holder’ for the acupuncture needle.   I told the Doc about the issues I’m having with neuropathy and how I believe that’s affecting my sleep.  There are four needles placed in the webbing between my toes.  Two on either side of my ankle, two in my foot and one on the top of my ankle.  You can’t see it but there are more further up the leg. There was also one in my elbow.  All of this was repeated on the left side.

What you see in the picture is one electrical circuit.  There’s a second, you can only see at the bottom of the photo.  Again, this is repeated on the other side of my body.  The hope is, by sending an electrical impulse down the pathways I can re-balance my Chi and clear any blockage that is causing the neuropathy in my feet.  This is a very uneducated description and the Doc would probably say I’m wrong in some way but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Enjoy the photo!