SCT Day 41 – not much else to say

It took a large latte with an extra shot to get me out of the Ativan funk.  I can’t say I felt like I slept better but I felt like a noodle most of the day.  And yesterday was all basketball, all the time.  Got Dilyn home from the ‘banquet’ around 8p and I was in bed by 9p with 2 mg of Ativan under my belt!  Didn’t catch what time I took them but I was up at 1030, 130 and a few other times on that as well.

I’m going to try and sleep with nothing tonight – no meds – and see what happens.  The neuropathy is still there and my next visit w/ the acupuncturist is Wednesday.  For now, i’m having another coffee to try and keep my eyes open – I tried to take a nap and that didn’t work either.  what a mess!