SCT Day 38 – The Ativan One Two

Yesterday I spoke to my friend the Nurse Pract, gave her the background on what occurred the prior night what I felt and what I knew had happened.  I was giving her the background and not expecting her to up the ante but she said go ahead and try two (two 1mg tablets) and it seems like that may have been the number, plus some!

I’ve not confirmed with my wife yet but I closed my book (iPad) 22:49, my tweet stating I had taken the Ativan was at 22:20.  When I put he iPad down I didn’t fall straight asleep.  I was paying attention to what was going on, trying to be “scientific” and evaluating the effects as they occurred.  Lying in bed you don’t necessarily have the same perspective (less dizzy, drunken feeling).  But as I lay there I did notice certain twitches occurring.  Almost like a nervous twitch or energy build up, my leg or my hand or finger would twitch.  I’m bringing this up as I had a similar occurrence while doing acupuncture.  If I started to sleep, i would get a shock in my left leg, waking me back up.

It’s almost like my body is saying the neuropathy is here and for that reason you can’t go to sleep.  However, Ativan packs a 1-2 punch and it wasn’t long before I was out like a light.  I’m not aware of any Ambien-style side effects, but I didn’t see a clock till about 04:40 and ended up sleeping in till about 06:10.

I know that Ativan is short lasting but I still feel a bit drugged.  I was quite impressed that I carved up half a melon and an entire mango and do not need even a band aid!  In the end, I’m marking this a win but we’ll see how the rest of the day goes.  I’ll speak to my friend and potentially drop back to 1.5 tabs tonight.

for now – sweet dreams!