SCT Day 37 – Ativan vs Ambien

So here’s the big compare!  As mentioned, I got the Ativan (Lorazepam) yesterday and the dosage calls for 1 tablet every 8 hours, max three tablets per day.  Well I’m only taking it at night, not during the day, so do I take one or two, to knock me out?  These are 1mg tablets (sometimes they’re given in .5mg tablets).  I tried to track the experiment via twitter which really didn’t go over so well but here are my posts.

 taken. Will try to document when I wake up 
 finally put book down 10:11p up at 01:20 and up now for potty 02:32    

bill mchugh ‏@PromotingGHL
 I woke at 5:54 not sure how all this played out and how well I did. Got to make the donuts!    

By 5:54 I forgot I was tweeting about Ativan, not Ambien!  Ativan is supposed to be a quick acting drug, offering a very calm and relaxed feeling that will help you fall asleep.  Taking too much will leave you not caring about much and being very clumsy (“clumbsy” as noted in one google search).  I spoke to my friend the NP and she advised one tablet.  Noting the time frames above, I took the Ativan at 21:43 and didn’t put my book down till 22:10.  I actually felt a bit like my heart was racing.  I didn’t feel ‘drugged’, drunk or anything similar – just tired.  So from 22:10 till 01:20 is about three hours.  From 02:32 till 05:54 is another three hours.  I don’t remember getting up in that last bit but it is possible. 

One other note, thanks to Amy G via Twitter who said she had similar sleep issues for the first two months following her SCT.  So it gives me a time frame and expectation to look at.
I feel better today than I did two days ago (coming off the Ambien hangover) but still don’t necessarily feel like I’ve had a full nights sleep.  I’ll reiterate this to my NP to ask if I should up the dosage tonight or just go the way I’m going.  I also don’t feel much difference in the p/n but I haven’t gone on my walk yet.  Will know better after that.  For now, off to the showers and then off for my walk before the real storm hits today!  Supposed to be rain and snow and 40mph winds all day – what fun!
On a side note – Bob, the MM patient in the UK, is being released today, day 14 – congrats Bob.  He’ll be home to watch all the rugby this weekend.  I, however, are limited by what BBC America allows me to watch.  This weekend it will be Ireland/Frahnz and we will be wearing our green, WHEN we get to watch the match.  This weekend is also the 4th/5th grade intramural basketball championships.  Dilyn has a game on Friday and if they win they have a game on Saturday, etc.  If they don’t win, we’ll have games to watch on Saturday, etc – all of it ending in a big event on sunday in the parish hall.  
I am SOOOO excited! :)