SCT Day 32 Update – fine print verified

So I was speaking with someone (who shall remain nameless) regarding my status and what is going on currently. I explained that today was day 2 of Ambien and it just wasn’t really working. She also mentioned that it was too much for her and that it caused what I refer to as the NyQuil cloud the next day. She started telling me about some of the side effects and I jokingly said I just wrote a post about that and handed over my phone at the part in question.

At that point she said, “that’s exactly what happened to me! I woke up the next morning and my husband told me what happened.” It wasn’t making food she was talking about! This is a whole different marketing angle!

On my front, I’m taking the Ambien again tonight and will see what happens. I did take an hour nap this afternoon and felt better after. Actually, it was after I polished off the two meat pies from the Tuck Shop that I felt really good!

So wish me luck and a good 3 hours of sleep (straight!)

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